Armed man with empty guns befools Police, caught

By Uzma Zafar

ISLAMABAD: A man was taken into custody from D Chowk, in front of Parliament House, for display of arms and chanting anti-government slogans. The armed man seemed mentally unstable. However, he was taken into custody and further investigation is underway into the matter.
According to details provided to The Daily Mail by sources in Capital Cops, at 12.10 afternoon, here this Monday, Malik Suhail S/O Muhammad Aslam, bearing ID # 3740583272585, resident of Harniali Saidan, Rawalpindi, currently residence of Fatehjang, of age around 45/46, started shouting at D Chowk, creating a chaos. The accused had a dagger and a 30-bore pistol in hand.
The accused kept shouting againgst the politicians, terming them as traitors and saying that they have destroyed the country. He kept on chanting that PM Imran is a traitor and that after the Kashmir elections, Pakistan would be shattered to bits. Cops took immediate action and caught the accused, putting the situation under control.
The accused had got to D Chowk on motorbike bearing number RIM 9389, 2016 model. The bike was also impounded in the process. SP Wahab, DSP Raja Tahir, SHO CTD Rauf Kiyani, SHO Secretariat Khurram Shahzad were present at the scene. Further probe is underway from the accused. Cops are hopeful of further revelations from the accused but apparently, found him to be mentally unstable. However, his previous record is being dug out, anonymity requesting Police sources told The Daily Mail. Souces further said that the arrested accused was trying to enter the Parliament Monday morning.
The man was waving a pistol in the air, according to the police. Moreover, CCTV footage obtained by the cops shows him clad in a shalwar kameez roaming in the streets with a pistol. He was arrested near the D-Chowk. The suspect has been taken into custody by PS Secretariat where he is being questioned. In a press conference, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that the pistol didn’t have any bullets. The Parliament falls into the red zone where people with arms and weapons are not allowed. All military and government buildings fall in the area including the houses of the prime minister and president.