APRNS lodges protest over disputed articles of Advertising Policy

LAHORE: All Pakistan Regional Newspapers Society (APRNS) protested against the disputed articles of Punjab Government Advertising Policy in front of the office of Information Minister of Punjab Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chohan.
Hundreds of the people of regional newspapers join the hands to show their unity against injustice advertising policy of the government. They also approved a resolution against the government steps and demanded to restore the regional newspapers’ cotta.
The relay was led by APRNS president G M Jatt, which also participated by chief editors, publishers, workers and a large number people of civil society and they termed this policy a step of killing the families of newspapers economically.
Jutt said on this occasion while speaking to the participants that APRNS would not allow anyone to deprive the owners of newspapers for their rights. We will fight at all the fronts till our demand will not be accepted. “We are joint and united to get the destination, “he added.–PR