Anoushay on not getting award for her performance in Raqs-e-Bismil

By Abid Usman

Anoushay Abbasi is a brilliant Pakistani television and film actor. She is praised by the millions of fans because of her excellent acting skills. Raqs E Bismil and Mere Paas Tum Ho are her claim to fame television shows. She has performed in countless other serials. Anoushay Abbasi is a lively and friendly person. Recently, she appeared as a guest in Momin Saqib’s show Had Kardi in which she talked about not getting award on Raqs E Bismil. She expressed her opinion in a witty manner.
On the question, “How did you feel when Momin Saqib got an award for his acting in Raqs E Bismil?”. Anoushay Abbasi replied, “I felt so sad, I am here to take that award back. I deserve atleast 6 awards for Raqs E Bismil. Doing a serious scene with Mahmood Aslam, Imran Ashraf and Momin Saqib was a task for me because they all were wittiest people on the set and all my serious scenes were with them. I’m sure, you must have watched my scenes in which I was sad or gloomy, I used to beg Momin to remain calm or serious, it was quite a hard task to shoot the serious secene with Momin Saqib. I would see on his forehead in order to avoid the eye contact with him just to control my laughters.”