Another MP creates ruckus aboard flight

After Shiv Sena’s Ravindra Gaikwad, another Member of Parliament is in the news for creating a ruckus onboard an Air India flight.

An Air India Delhi-Kolkata flight (AI 020) got delayed by 39 minutes after Rajya Sabha MP of Trinamool Congress, Dola Sen, allegedly created a ruckus for not being allowed front row seats, for which she had reportedly paid extra money. The MP had booked her tickets through an online travel portal.

Proposal refused

The MP was accompanied by two others passengers, one of whom was a wheelchair-bound senior citizen. The airline couldn’t provide front row seats and offered seats near the emergency exit, which has more leg room. However, as wheelchair-bound passengers are not allowed to sit near the emergency exit, the passenger was allowed to travel in business class. The MP, however, allegedly demanded that all three passengers be provided business class seats, which was refused.

Following this, the MP allegedly had a spat with the cabin crew, even after the pilot intervened.

Going by norms

“As per Civil Aviation Requirements, a wheelchair-bound passenger is not allowed to sit near the emergency exit. When the cabin crew told this to the MP, she started screaming,” the spokesperson said.

“Meanwhile, other passengers and the captain of the flight intervened. The aircraft finally departed 39 minutes late,” the spokesperson said.

The MP couldn’t be contacted for comments despite repeated attempts.