ANF recovers huge quantity of drugs in operations

ISLAMABAD: The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) arrested a suspect on a tip-off at GT Road near Jhelum and recovered more than 39 kg of dried poppy seeds in the form of sawdust on Thursday. The accused Karim Daad was a Nowshera resident. Dried poppy seeds are used in making heroin and hashish. In another operation, two suspects were apprehended after 10 kg and 500 grams of heroin were recovered from their car at the Islamabad Motorway toll plaza.
Lastly, the ANF officials raided Kamra International Courier Office and sized a parcel booked for London. The parcel contained a total of 438 grams of heroin that was tactfully hidden in women’s clothes. The accused were booked in separate case under Anti-Narcotics Act.