All-round rural revitalization

BEIJING: The Central Rural Work Conference, the highest-level conference on issues relating to agriculture, rural areas and rural people in China, took place in Beijing on December 23-24, 2022.
Pursuing the goal of rural revitalization is part of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) efforts to build a powerful modern socialist country in all respects.
Throughout the process of economic and social advancement, China has faced a stark imbalance of urban and rural development. Its primary, secondary and tertiary industries in the vast rural areas have been left far behind those in its cities, and residents of rural areas have less disposable income than their urban counterparts. As a result, rural issues are becoming the crux of China’s economic and social development. After eradicating absolute poverty in late 2020, China reiterated the goal of revitalizing its rural areas. The idea has gradually become more ingrained in the national consciousness over the past two years. The many measures and policies adopted around the countryside have begun to show results.
This rural work conference is the first conference of its kind after the 20th National Congress of the CPC detailed the plan for carrying out the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by following a Chinese path to modernization, which requires massive inputs of human, material and financial resources. This conference has provided detailed guidelines on rural revitalization from four perspectives.
First, the direction of rural revitalization has been laid out. Alongside its achievements, rural revitalization has faced a number of challenges in recent years. In some places, local governments convinced rural residents to abandon their houses and relocate to apartments in tall buildings; in other places, the plans for local agricultural production have been in conflict with the will of locals.
–The Daily Mail-Beijing review news exchange item