Alizeh Shah before & after plastic surgery


By Abid Usman

The world has set some beauty standards and unless people don’t fit in those standards, they are not considered as beautiful. These beauty standards matter a lot in the showbiz and until you don’t fit in those standards you face many difficulties.
Many Pakistani celebrities have gone through major surgeries to enhance their beauty.
One of the most popular actresses Alizeh Shah has transformed her whole look. People are commenting on her different look and it seems like she has gone through plastic surgery.
In her recent pictures, Alizeh Shah looks quite different as she has got her lip fillers done.
It’s pretty evident that she has changed her look and now she looks different than her previous pictures.
Here are Alizeh Shah’s comparison pictures: Alizeh Shah is not the only one who has changed her look as many stars including Mehwish Hayat, Sadia Imam, Mishi Khan, Sidra Batool, Mahira Khan and many more got their surgeries done.