AJK President says Indian army to start bloodshed in occupied valley

ISLAMABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan said the Indian government had ordered military deployed in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoK) to start bloodshed in the valley.

Talking to media he said already there were 780,000 troops deployed in the IoK, where an additional 38,000 troops had cordoned the valley and were prepared to begin massacre of innocent Kashmiris.

“They have kept 13 million Kashmiris hostage, specially Muslims in Ladakh and Jammu, which is the first war India has unleashed on the Kashmiri people.

The second it opened up on AJK through its aggressive attacks across the Line of Control (LOC) which rendered huge life and property losses to the Kashmiris there.”

India, he warned, was preparing for a war which might spread into Pakistan, whereas the latter was preparing for its defence.

“We will defend ourselves in consequence of any Indian aggression and protection of the people of IOK is our responsibility.

Kashmiris shall keep their spirits high as freedom movement will gain pace and momentum with such nefarious Indian designs,” he added.

He said, “I attended the joint parliament session today where I met the leaders of all major political parties and parliamentarians, who were equally outraged and provoked on the Indian decision.

I listened to the speeches of Leader of the House and Opposition during the session, who expressed their resolve to fight against the Indian decision.

The entire nation and state institutions are united to confront Indian tactic to turn Muslim majority of Kashmiris into a minority in the IOK.”

President Masood Khan referring to the articles 370 and 35 A of Indian Constitution said it was a deal done between the defunct Kashmiri political leadership like Sheikh Abdullah, who preferred India to Pakistan.

This law was formulated to keep the special status of occupied Kashmir where its abrogation had disappointed Kahmiris, mostly those who resorted to Indian lies but India even did not accept them, he added.

“We shall prepare ourselves to defend our people as India has begun 1,000 years long war, which will take Pakistan in its circle.

Article 35 A gave special rights to the people of IOK, like the right to property and education, which India has breached,” he added.

President Masood Khan said Pakistan had warned the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) of Indian carnage plan in Occupied Kashmir (IOK). He said the UNSC had been restricted to New York in various genocide incidents like those in Bosnia, Rwanda and Burundi.

“They usually cry over spilt milk after every massacre takes place. It’s time for a proactive role by the UN Security Council other than just showing conventional sympathy and observations over the issue,” he added.

“We will continue our joint efforts in confronting India against its aggression on IOK. There is a great risk of Indian invasion of Pakistan, which will be responded in the same coin as the entire nation is united to support their Kashmiri brethren.”

Masood said our diplomatic and political efforts would continue and also to outreach global leaders, who could play a decisive role in that regard.

“The international leaders should raise voice against Indian oppression and killings of defenseless Kashmiris.

We will approach UNSC, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, civil society, policy makers and decision making institutes to unveil India’s detestable face before the international community,” he added.

The Kashmir issue, he said could not be wiped out by such Indian steps as India was making demographic changes in the IOK and had tried to rebuff United Nations resolutions, which would never be accepted.

“India has challenged Kashmiris, Pakistan and the entire Muslim Ummah and it’s the unwavering resolve of Pakistan to fight at all diplomatic and political grounds for Kashmir cause,” he noted.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir had decided to resolutely pursue their campaign for right to plebiscite and revitalize freedom movement with extreme passion and valour, he added.

While rejecting the US State Department’s statement of calling Kashmir an internal matter of India, he said, “We will strive towards our goal without any compromise.

It is not an internal matter of India as it had never said that, rather India terms it a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.”