AI makes inroads into Industry

ISLAMABAD: A manufacturing process based on artificial intelligence (AI) is more efficient and less reliant on manpower in terms of production. AI reduces operational costs and downtime by optimizing and scaling manufacturing.
Talking to WealthPK, an official from the Ministry of Industries and Production who wished to remain anonymous said, “technology has a major role in the development of any country’s economic growth, but compared to other countries, Pakistan is far behind in adapting innovation.”
He said, “Pakistan has much potential in AI since it can address a variety of local issues, including those related to manufacturing, climate change, agriculture, and government.”
“There is a wide range of industries that use AI, including finance, retail, commercial, and government. Additionally, it is gradually making its way into the manufacturing sector, helping to automate the manufacturing process.
AI-driven machines are paving the way for a better future by offering new options, increasing manufacturing efficiencies, and bringing machine interfaces closer to human interaction, giving machine users a better way to communicate with machines.”
He said, “in today’s manufacturing world, there is no doubt that it is more important than ever for people to understand the significance of manufacturing, especially as automation and AI are increasingly being used for manufacturing purposes.”
“Manufacturing plays a crucial role in our economy and is essential to a number of industries. It is responsible for making the products we use in our everyday lives, such as clothing, food, electronics, and automobiles. –INP