Afghan crisis & regional countries

The top Russian diplomat and Special envoy for Afghanistan Mr. Zamir Kabulov had warned the United States that the process of withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan should not turn into a redeployment of the US and NATO infrastructure to the countries of Central Asia, the close neighbors of Russia. According to him, Russia had already sent such signals to Washington at various levels, hopefully it will be heard by the authorities in Washington. Russian apprehensions are genuine and there was news regarding United States efforts for getting military bases in the neighboring countries of Afghanistan. Americans are in negotiations with Central Asian States for provision of bases in the states adjacent to Afghanistan. Presently, most of the Central Asian States are members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and they have some sort of defense arrangements with Russia against any external threat. Russian military is also maintaining its bases in several Central Asian States. Most of the Central Asian Republics are dependent on Russia in one or other way for their security, energy, or connectivity routes. So, it is not possible for any country to go against Russian interests in the region because it would have dire consequences for them in future. China is another factor which perceives US’s presence in the region as a threat to its economic and military interests. China is very annoyed due to American’s support of the ongoing separatist movement in Xinjiang at international level. Furthermore, Central Asian States are members of Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and fully merged with Chinese economic market. Many of these states are indebted to China and can’t afford Chinese displeasure. Besides all these arrangements and limitations, there are chances that Americans may succeed in getting nod of any of the Central Asian States for provision of some sort of arrangements such as stationing of US Special Forces or CIA Counter Terrorism unit, temporary staying or refueling of American military planes and land or arial lines of communications (ALOC or GLOC). Turkey had expressed its willingness to play on behalf of NATO and United States in Afghanistan in a limited role and most likely if Americans could not get military bases in the region then they may use their military bases in Iraq or Turkey while using ALOC through Central Asian States lay in route to Afghanistan. Russian Special Envoy for Afghanistan Mr. Zamir Kabulov further said, Russia believes that the only possible way out of the current impasse is the creation of a new Coalition government with the participation of representatives of all the largest ethno-political forces in the country, including the Taliban movement.
But the Afghan parties themselves must negotiate and the international community will provide appropriate assistance. Kabulv offered Russian facilitation of the process by hosting another round of talks in expanded troika format during the coming days.

Russian side had timely warned the United States and Central Asian Republics for any future military collaboration in the region and most likely Chinese had also conveyed their reservations to the regional countries. Presently, the dream of peace in Afghanistan is not likely to happen in coming days because four decades of destruction and blood shed could not mold the minds of Afghan leadership and so far they are not ready to look ahead of their nose, which clearly illustrates that waning days of Afghans are not yet come to an end.