Absence of Hindu deities' statues at Katas Raj irks Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar expressed concern on the absence of statues of Hindu deities in the Katas Raj temples in Chakwal.

Hearing the suo motu case on the drying out of the temple’s pond, Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan questioned the Evacuee Trust Board Property (ETBP)’s counsel whether the statues are with the institution or have they lost it?

The counsel said that during the tenure of former chairman Asif Hashmi, there had been massive financial irregularities in the organisation.
“Hashmi did massive corruption and left the country,” he said.
The chief justice then questioned why Hashmi has not yet been arrested, adding that they can summon the Punjab home secretary and foreign secretary.
He further remarked that the court will not leave the issue till concrete action.
The bench showed reservations on the absence of the DG Khan cement factory’s counsel, Salman Akram Raja.
The cheif justice observed: “If Salman Akram Raja is outside the country then Mian Mansha should appear before the court”.
The chief justice also inquired the names of cement factories located nearby the temple.

The hearing was then adjourned until tomorrow.

On November 2, the chief justice took a suo motu notice of the drying out of the Katas Raj Temple pond in Chakwal.
The pre-historic fabled pond is said to be drying out because of a large amount of water consumption in cement factories nearby.
At the last hearing, the bench asked why a need is created for the judiciary to interfere in matters of governance.
Coming down hard on the government over its failure to protect the Hindu community’s revered site, the chief justice had asked what the government is doing about the matter.