‘Abhorrence with COVID-19 patients causing virus spread’

By Asim Hussain

RAWALPINDI: Maltreatment and abhorrence behavior with COVID-19 patients is the biggest reason of spreading this deadly virus as no any suspect dares to go through under the test with the fear to be hated and misbehaved. Thus the carriers of Coronavirus without test meet with others and infect them too. Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken right step by ordering medical staff to behave politely with the patients and avoid creating fear in them which could forbid Coronavirus suspects to be tested and virus can spread rapidly due to this conduct as did in some countries of the world due to this negligence.
This was stated by the Advisor to the president of PTI North Punjab Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan while talking with a group of journalists here at his office Amn House Peshawar Road Rawalpindi cantt. on Sunday. He said most of the world countries saw spread of Coronavirus at large scale due to loathing and hatred behavior exercised by the doctors and paramedical staff with patients. Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan said our behaviors especially handling and treating the Coronavirus patients with politeness and affectionately not only help them to recover rapidly but also make other suspects agree to get their test done and thus they can easily go to quarantine centers for their treatment. In this way, he added, we can isolate those who carry the virus and safe others to be infected by. He mentioned that hearing and seeing the maltreatment and abhorrence behavior with Coronavirus patients, a deep fear
engulf the whole people and even the firm suspects avoid diagnose themselves.
He said the Coronavirus patients must not behaved like enemies rather be given love and affection in a friendly atmosphere which would help them to get back to the healthy life. He appreciated the Prime Minister Imran Khan who issued instruction to the paramedical staff and doctor to treat Coronavirus patients with care and responsibility. “Love, care, and friendly behavior are the most important things for treating the patients and these behaviors can do what medicines cannot in most of the cases”, he concluded.