A call for US, China efforts to end pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic is dragging the world into a mess not seen since the World War II, causing disruptions to spin out of control. At this critical juncture, the world urgently needs the unity of the great powers, especially China and the US. It is very regrettable that these two countries, which each have been plagued by the coronavirus, have fallen into a serious war of words, that is worsening humanity’s misery. When historians look back, they will deeply regret today’s grave discord and divisions between China and the US. We strongly hope that the US and China will emerge from their current rivalry. In World War II, the US, Britain, and the Soviet Union were able to overcome huge ideological differences and jointly deal with the fascist Axis. The novel coronavirus is as ferocious as the fascists were. The US and China should have the courage and ability to cooperate. We know that Beijing has enough willingness to cooperate with the US to fighting the pandemic, and we hope that Washington will show the same willingness. Creating a united US-China response would also serve to increase the White House’s moral score. It may even help President Trump’s re-election bid. It is hoped that politicians and opinion leaders from all countries will work together to push the US and China to put aside their suspicions, stop their acrimony, and jointly inspire the international community to form a united front against the coronavirus. The two countries should help the world pool global resources to fight the epidemic and assist the most troubled countries and regions. Only this will prevent more out-of-control outbreaks, slowly restore the world’s ability to provide support to the most needy, reduce humanitarian disasters and save many lives. The US and China are two great nations, and their joint efforts to combat the epidemic will be a great morale booster for the world. The virus does not recognize national boundaries and no country is immune to the virus. No country can be considered irrelevant to the world. The world needs some form of joint prevention and control, and that will ultimately be in the best interest of the two powers, and provide political points for both. –GT