6 more arrested in Noor murder case

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: In more development made in the brutal murder case of Noor Mukadam, six people, including owner of Therapy Works, Dr Tahir, were arrested on Sunday.
Zahir Jaffer, the murder accused was reportedly practicing as a psychotherapist after enrolling in a certification course from Therapy Works.
A statement from the organisation claimed that Jaffer did not complete his Level 4 training and “was never ever given permission to see clients,” However, an Instagram photo on their page that has since been deleted, features a group of its Level 5 candidates including Jaffer.
This led to a deeper investigation into the organisation, with its legitimacy being questioned.
According to the Islamabad police, six individuals have been accused of concealing evidence after meeting with Zahir Jaffer’s father, Zakir Jaffer.
Among those arrested was Amjad, who was also maimed after being stabbed by Jaffer the day he was arrested for the murder.
The Kohsar police station official presented the accused in the court of district magistrate Shehzad Khan, who approved their one-day physical remand.
A day earlier, the police had also arrested Jaffer’s gardener and sent him on a judicial remand.
27-year-old Noor Mukadam, daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat, was found beheaded in a posh neighbourhood of the capital on July 20. Police have charged Zahir Jaffer, a US national and scion of one of Pakistan’s wealthiest families, with murder.
After the arrest of the accused, the police have decided to add relevant clauses of the law in the case. The case of Noor’s murder sparked nationwide outrage with thousands of people calling on the authorities to take the case to its logical end.