3 suspects granted bail in Rawalpindi rape case

By U.Zee

RAWALPINDI: A district court in Rawalpindi granted bail to three men, arrested in the rape and assault case of a 16-year-old girl in Rawalpindi’s Pir Wadhai, Tuesday morning.
The suspects’ pleas were accepted by the judicial magistrate over lack of evidence. On Monday, a case was registered at the Pir Wadhai police station. The complaint stated that the teenager was raped and assaulted by the principal of her madrassa. According to the police, the main suspect is on the run. The police had, however, arrested his brother, nephew, and the vice-principal of the madrassa for questioning. Three arrested in Rawalpindi madrasa student assault, attempted rape case
According to the FIR, the victim’s father said his daughter was a student at the madrasa for the last seven years. He said that the madrasa management called him on the day of the crime and requested him to pick her up as she had fainted. When she regained consciousness she informed her father that the principal had been trying to harass her for the last five to six months but she always managed to avoid him. She said he had also been threatening her that if she told anyone about it, he would kill her. The FIR stated that one of the teachers of the madrassa took her into the principal’s room where he attempted to sexually assault her. However, when the victim resisted, she was assaulted by both the teacher and principal. The victim’s father claimed that she fainted after being given medicine and then did not remember what happened to her afterwards.