3 people killed in Hindu-Muslim rioting in India's West Bengal

KOLKATA: Clashes in India between supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party and those of an opposition party snowballed into Hindu-Muslim rioting, with three people killed and dozens injured over two days of violence, police said.
The trouble in the eastern state of West Bengal began with rival processions by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress marking the birth of the Hindu god Rama.
Violence broke out and spilled over into Monday, turning into clashes between Hindus and Muslims.
Anuj Sharma, a top police official in the state, said officials had held an emergency meeting and security had been increa­sed, with riot police deplo­yed, and about 100 people detained.
“Large scale arre­sts are under way,” Sharma said.