2420 fine tickets to the traffic violators

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Capital Police has expedited stern legal action against the traffic rules violators and issued 2420 fine tickets to road users during the last 24 hours.
Following the special directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, Islamabad capital police expedited stern action against traffic rules violators to implement the traffic rules and maintain the smooth flow of traffic in federal city.
Various police teams issued 2420 fine tickets to road users over violation of traffic rules in which 214 challan were issued over lane violation, 36 for red signal violations, 125 for using mobile phone during driving, 11 for amateur driving, 10 over violation of one-way, 63 driving on the wrong side of the road, 08 for violation of zebra crossing, 182 for not fastening seat belts, 76 for having tinted glasses, 09 for emitting smoke, 96 for having fancy number plates, 266 bikers for riding without helmets and 323 motorists for violations of different traffic rules.