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Ashraf to contribute for success of CPEC

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BEIJING: Adil Ashraf, CFO of Three Gorges Wind Farm Pakistan expressed the resolve to work for the success of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and friendship of both countries.
He said :”I am willing to contribute to the success of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Pak-China friendship and Pakistan’s historic development.”
Ashraf made these remarks when he was awarded the ‘Outstanding Pakistani Employee’ of CPEC, with the other 17 ones.
Adil Ashraf, with his outstanding professional ability, has dealt with many finance and taxation issues, defused relevant risks, saved expenses and safeguarded rights and interests for the company since he joined Three Gorges Wind Farm Pakistan.
In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic was rampant in Pakistan. Though the company advocated staff to work from home, Ashraf and his team had to remain at their posts as financial staff had to conduct businesses at the office and in the bank to ensure the company could function well.
Once in a while, some teammates complained: why did the financial team worker have to brave the risk of infection and even work overtime, since most of the workers worked remotely and avoided going to the crowded areas?
Ashraf used to respond to these complaints with a little seriousness in a calm, orderly manner: The more difficult the company is, the more it can reflect our true value to the company.
“When Pakistan is at the most difficult times, our Chinese colleagues stood by us through thick and thin. There is no reason why we should not work harder and dedicate to our job,” he added.
The financial team had made great contributions and sacrifices for the company’s projects.
For professional ability, responsibility, and performance, Adil Ashraf has become one representative of the “Outstanding Pakistani Employees” of CPEC in 2020.
For Ashraf, CPEC is not unfamiliar. He has in-depth understanding to the development of CPEC.
Ashraf thinks that CPEC will not only help Pakistan attract investment from China and other countries, but also boost the development of transportation, industry and trade, and create more job opportunities for Pakistanis.
Actually, Pakistan, like other developing countries, had been facing the dilemma of brain drain due to the lack of development opportunity. While the implementation of CPEC has ignited the hope of many Pakistanis, including Ashraf.
He resolutely had given up the idea of emigrating abroad and determined to contribute to the construction of his motherland by engaging on projects under the framework of CPEC.
“Thank you, our Chinese friends, for your selfless help and support to Pakistan.
CPEC has brought tangible benefits to Pakistan. It’s a great honor for me to work for projects under CPEC. For me, it is not only serving a Chinese company but also serving Pakistan’s construction,” said Ashraf.
These words were from the bottom of his heart when he took the job interview of Three Gorges Wind Farm Pakistan in 2016.


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