Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Bilateral ties with Russia

A high level Russian delegation led by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov paid a two day official visit to Pakistan. Both Countries held delegations level talks at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Islamabad. Both Countries held in depth discussions on a wide range of topics including Bilateral trade and investment, defense, Security, coronavirus vaccine, anti- terrorism cooperation, energy, regional and global issues and Afghan peace process. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov assured Pakistan of full assistance in diverse areas particularly to meet the country’s requirements in energy, trade, security equipment, construction of North South energy pipeline and supply of coronavirus vaccine. Russia had offered provision of Russian LNG to Pakistan to help resolve Pakistan’s energy deficit, while Russian Companies Gasprom and Novatek are awaiting response from Pakistani companies in this regard. It was noted that the bilateral growth increased by 46 % and both sides reaffirmed to further expand it. Pak-Russia intergovernmental commission is scheduled to meet in Moscow in coming months and it would be a defining phase of the Pakistan Russia strategic cooperation in multiple areas. Russia is a big power, developed economy, densely resourceful and an important country of the world. Despite of living in a close proximity, both nations could not collaborate with each other during the past, however, now both Countries want to seized this opportunity. Pakistan and Russia has set the foundation of their Bilateral sustainable long term partnership in all fields of life. There is a big room for cooperation particularly in less developed and inefficient services sector of Pakistan ranging from agriculture, nuclear energy, LNG, North-South gas pipeline, defense training and equipment procurement, restructuring of Pakistan Steel Mill and numerous other potential projects provide tremendous opportunities to both sides. Foreign Minister Qureshi rightly said that in Pakistan Russia Cooperation Sky is the limit. Although, there is tremendous scope of Bilateral trade but due less developed industrial base Pakistan has very less to export Russia whereas it’s import list ranging from wheat to Electronics, LNG to Nuclear energy technologies etc. It can shaped in to a one way traffic if government of Pakistan appraise Russia to accòmmodate Pakistani products while giving some prefferal access to its market. Pakistan must work to search markets for it’s products besides facilitating it’s counterparts in Pakistani markets.

Russia occupies an important position in International Politics and it is in efforts to restore lost position of Ex. USSR era. Currently, Russia is actively involved in the middle East, Indo-Pacific regional affairs and Central Asian States. Both Pakistan and Russia are important players in Afghan peace process alongside others stakeholders including United States, China and Iran. In yesterday’s meeting both Countries discussed the Afghan issue and expressed concern over the worsening security situation in Afghanistan and the rise of terrorist activities in north and east of country. Both Countries reiterated their resolve to further facilitate the agreement among Afghan parties through inclusive political dialogue.

Presently, the international Political landscape is changing rapidly, yesterday friends and enemies had changed their sides and realigned their positions accòrding to their interests and situation of the contemporary world. Pakistan must adapt a realist approach through its newly conceived geo-economic policy. Pakistan has sufficient deterrence to defend itself from any aggression. Pakistan must refrain to take side with any power block and maintain good trade and economic relations with all countries and achieve a sustainable developed economy. Pakistan has all necessary physical and intellectual resources to reset the country’s direction toward peaceful and prosperous future.


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