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The influence of Shanghai Spirit continues to grow: SCO Secretary-General

BEIJING: Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has established itself strongly as an influential and responsible participant in the modern system of international relations, said Vladimir Norov, Secretary General of the SCO.
Over the past year, through the joint efforts of all parties, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has successfully established a solid legal framework and effective mechanisms for multilateral cooperation in the fight against international terrorism, separatism and extremism, drug trafficking, organized crime and insurance. of information security, as well as strengthening cooperation between trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian nature, he said in an article that contributed to China Watch, a think tank powered by China Daily.
A basic important feature of the organization is that, although the autonomy of its members with regard to their internal affairs and foreign policy is fully preserved and respected, the partnership within the SCO is based on active and collaborative interaction, joint determination of areas of overlapping interests and equally important of opinions.
Mutual understanding, equality and coordination are the key elements that define the SCO. The organization does not strive to form a military-political alliance, is not directed against any third countries and does not support ideological and confrontational positions to address international and regional development problems.
The SCO members adhere to the principle of openness in cooperation with all interested countries and international organizations, and adhere to the objectives and principles of the United Nations. The interaction between the UN and the SCO has already become a successful example of effective cooperation between a global and regional organization.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that the SCO is a strong partner of the UN, a leader in regional diplomacy and a promoter of cooperation in tackling the most pressing peace and security challenges facing Eurasia. speak.
The SCO Development Strategy 2025, adopted in 2015, aims to ensure the successful implementation of its programs and implements plans for the development of multilateral cooperation in the economy, activities for finance, investment, trade and transport.
We continue to expand scientific, technical, humanitarian and cultural exchanges as well as cooperation in the health and tourism sectors.
The multifaceted interaction between the SCO members promotes the stable development and well – being of the entire Eurasian region.
The creation and formation of the SCO took place during a period of world history when a clear trend emerged of the redistribution of the global balance of power, mainly due to the strengthening of new development centers in the Asia-Pacific region .
The historic decision taken by the founding countries 20 years ago on 15 June 2001 to establish the SCO was an important step towards the active promotion of peace and joint development in the region. The SCO’s emphasis on the Shanghai spirit of mutual consultation, mutual trust and mutual benefit has deepened the relations between friendly and friendly partners between the member countries.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item


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