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‘Harsh punishment appropriate for criminals who hurt children’

BEIJING: China’s top court called on courts at each level to harshly punish criminals who harm juveniles, especially those who kill, rape or abduct youngsters, in a bid to give stronger protection to children.
All Chinese courts should accurately apply the amendments to the laws on Protection of Minors and the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, which were adopted last year and will both come into force on June 1, and intensify the fight against crimes in which children are victims, according to a statement released by the Supreme People’s Court, the country’s top court, on Monday.
“Offenders, who should be harshly punished for seriously harming children and challenging the bottom line of social ethics and laws, must be given tougher punishments or even the death sentence in accordance with the law without hesitation,” said Zhou Qiang, president of the top court.
He made the remark in Beijing on Sunday when delivering a speech to presidents of courts nationwide.
Stressing protection for juveniles, he demanded courts across the country study more about the newly-amended Criminal Law, in which the age of criminal responsibility has been lowered to 12 in some special conditions.
He highlighted the importance of applying the Criminal Law, calling for accurate application in practice after it takes effective on March 1.
He also ordered judges to promote case hearings relating to family and marriage, and improving the legal system on issuing personal protection order against domestic violence.
Considering the fast development of the internet, as well as public concerns on data collection and consumption, he said courts at all levels will strengthen efforts in handling cases against fair competition and monopolies to keep the market in order.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item


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