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Peshawar attackers had massive hostage plan


  • Plan was hatched for release of at least 1000 death sentenced TTP operatives in exchange of students
  • Laif Mehsud and his aide’s release was also in the hostage exchange agenda
  • Peshawar plan was hatched with immense consultation of RAW officials in Fazalullah’s Afghanistan camp
  • Peshawar terror was merely replica of Chechen rebels’ School attack of September 2004 in Russia’s Beslan town
  • More than 100% similarities between Peshawar terror and Russian school carnage indicate presence of high level international planning
  • RAW officials at TTP’s Afghanistan based camps provided communication facilities to attackers and their Kunnar Nooristan –based planners
  • RAW deliberately provided communication system that could easily be intercepted by Pakistan
  • Indians wanted Pakistan to react senselessly after detecting such a deadly tragedy being handled from Afghanistan and thus Pak-Afghan start of friendship is eliminated right at its start
  • CNN, Reuters, apparently helped TTP in deceiving Pakistani security forces right in the middle of the operation
  • Reuters, CNN both released TTP statement that they had sent 6 executers to School while they were actually 7
  • TTP, through CNN Reuter connections tried to misguide security forces with keeping 7th terrorist covered to carry out an unje4xpected assault in the end

By Makhdoom Babar

(With additional reporting by John Nelson and Mona Wardak in Kabul= Monitoring Desk)

The TTP terrorists who carried out Tuesday’s carnage at Peshawar’s Army Public School did have a comprehensive hostage plan and wanted release of at least 1000 top TTP operatives, awaiting execution in Pakistani prisons while release of recently extradited Latif Mehsud and his close aides was also amongst the logically presumed and assumed charter of demand for the release of hostages in a swap, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.

These investigations indicate that apparently, the Peshawar terror plan was devised with the immense consultations of the RAW officials and certain Chechan terrorists who are present at RAW organized TTP camps in Afghanistan’s Kunnar, Noristan areas under Mulla Fazalullah, also known as Mulla Radio.

The Daily Mail’s investigations  reveal that the Peshawar terror was planned , following comprehensively the plan that was hatched by Chechan terrorists on 1st of September, 2004 when they stormed a similar school in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia (an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation).

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that  The Beslan school hostage crisis (also referred to as the Beslan school siege or Beslan massacre) started the first of September 2004, lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children), ending with the death of 385 people. The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic terrorists, mostly Ingush and Chechen, occupied School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia (an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation) on 1 September 2004. The hostage-takers were the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the Chechen terrorist warlord. On the third day of the standoff, Russian security forces entered the building after several explosions, using other heavy weapons At least 385 hostages were killed as a result of the crisis, including 186 children, with a significant number of people injured and reported missing.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate there are more than 100 percent similarities between Beslan School attack and Peshawar School carnage. Here are some of these similarities:

Russia’s Beslan School

The  Beslan school was located in a rather sensitive area, next to the district police station,

Peshawar’s Army Public School

Also located in a rather sensitive area

Russia’s Beslan School

Had around 60 teachers and more than 800 with an overall strength of around 1000

Peshawar’s Army Public School

Similarly had an overall strength of 1000, including staff and students

Russia’s Beslan School

Had a reasonable sized gymnasium, where most of the hostages were held for 52 hours

Peshawar’s Army Public School

Had similarly a reasonable sized Auditorium where hundreds of hostages could be kept and managed for days

Russia’s Beslan School

School was chosen as the target of the attack because of its past connection with attackers’ opponent military forces

Peshawar’s Army Public School

School was chosen by the attackers for its crystal clear connection with military forces, comabitn the terrorists

Russia’s Beslan School

The attack on the school took place on 1 September; the traditional start of the Russian school year, referred to as “First Bell” or Knowledge Day On this day, the children, accompanied by their parents and other relatives, attend ceremonies hosted by their school Because of the Knowledge Day festivities, the number of people in the schools was considerably higher than on a normal school day.

Peshawar’s Army Public School

Attack on school was carried out on day when it was having more than normal attendance. On the fateful day, the school was having haul of activities. 11th and 12th grades were taking annual examinations, 9th grade was hosting a farewell party for the 10th graders while a team of army instructors had also arrived to impart first aid training. Thus, just like the Beslan School, Army Public School Peshawar also had lot of festivities and more than normal attendance on the tragic day.

Russia’s Beslan School

The attackers wore green military camouflage and were also wearing explosive belts , now known as suicide belts or suicide vests

Peshawar’s Army Public School

The attackers, similarly, were wearing Para-Military uniforms and also had suicide belts or suicide vests under their dresses.

Russia’s Beslan School

The terrorists arrived at Beslan in a GAZelle police van and a GAZ-66 military truck. At first, some at the school mistook the guerrillas for Russian Special Forces practicing a security drill.

The attackers, similarly, arrived at the spot in the disguise of security personnel and similarly, the passersby an school administration, initially mistook them as some FC officials on some security duties.

Russia’s Beslan School

Before the school authorities could have establish the actual identities of the attackers, the attackers soon began shooting in the air and forcing everybody from the school grounds into the building to create a safe hostage spot.

Peshawar’s Army Public School

Before any could have intercepted them, the attackers straightaway started shooting and focused the auditorium of the school to secure a hostage spot.

Russia’s Beslan School

The attackers had enough food supplies and ammunition to put up a resistance and maintain a hostage situation for days.

Peshawar’s Army Public School

The attackers, similarly, had enough food supplies and ammunition to put up a resistance and maintain a hostage situation for days.

Russia’s Beslan School

The attackers mined the gym and the rest of the building with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and surrounded it with tripwires.

Peshawar’s Army Public School

The attackers, similarly, had all the arrangements to mine the school auditorium and the rest of the building with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), recovered later by security forces.

Russia’s Beslan School

Russian security forces reacted late and thus enabled the attackers to create a hostage situation

Peshawar’s Army Public School

Pakistani security forces responded sharply and thus put the attackers in a shock and awe situation and did not give them enough time to create a hostage situation.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that such great similarities crustal clearly reflect that the planning and execution of the Peshawar school attack in acute accordance with that of Beslan school  was by no means a mere coincidence but there was actually some common factor there. These investigations indicate that  since India RAW’s help was sought by Russia during the Beslan hostage crisis , only RAW appears to be the relevant part to have complete operational dimensions of the Peshawar school attack and that it could only be RAW officials at Mulla Fazalulla’s Afghanistan based camps who provided the data and details of Beslan school attack master plan to the TTP leaders and that too with identifying the target.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that since the response from Pakistani security forces was so quick and so unexpected that the attackers fell into a shock and awe situation and thus contacted there bosses through communication devices right in the middle of the operation, seek fresh instructions in accordance with unexpected development which had eliminated every possibility of creating a hostage situation. Upon this, the bosses told the attackers to forget about taking hostages and ordered them create maximum terror and kill as many students and other available targets they could.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that communication between the attackers and their bosses was very easily intercepted by  Pakistani security forces and the interception also clarified that the communication was being made between Peshawar and Kunnar, Nooristan in Afghanistan. Even the Pakistani interceptors were surprised that unlike the past, how  the communication  of TTP operators was made through such channels that it became almost invitational to be intercepted. However this surprise of the inceptors was soon over after the  follow up intelligence reports suggested that communication devices were provided to attackers and their commanders back in Mulla Fazalulla’s Afghanistan base by their RAW mentors. These devices were meant to be very vulnerable to interception and detection. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that by doing so, India’s National Security Advisor  Ajit Kumar Doval  desired to fulfill another plan on the sidelines of the main terror attack. These investigations suggest that by making the communication between attackers and their Afghanistan-based commanders, being intercepted by Pakistani authorities, Doval and his RAW were expecting the emergence of a post 9/11 like situation in Pakistan and were anticipating that Pakistan would storm Afghanistan and the growing friendship ties between Ashraf Ghani’s Kabul and Islamabad will get a very serious blow. However, this plan of RAW didn’t work and unlike post 9/11 scenario at Washington, sanity prevailed at Islamabad and no irresponsible statement was made at any level that could have jeopardize the Kabul-Islamabad ties that have just recently entered into a brand-new  phase of health after Ashraf Ghani taking over Kabul and things are being sorted out with Kabul very polity with Pakistani army chief and ISI boss rushing to Kabul to solve the issue amicably.

On the other side, The Daily Mail’s monitoring of the international media reveals that while the entire global media was giving accurate coverage to the developments with regard to Peshawar terror attack, at least western media organizations, unwittingly or deliberately were playing in the hands of Taliban. It were the CNN and Reuters that were constantly delivering and airing the completely misleading statements of a rather ambiguous spokesman of TTP. CNN even kept misleading the entire global audience including the Pakistani security officials. Our monitoring reveals that on Tuesday, when Pakistani security professionals were engaged comprehensively in heavily armed standoff with the TTP attackers at the Peshawar school, TTP leaders, based in Afghanistan used the platform of the Reuters and CNN to give a dangerous twist to actual state of ongoing affairs.  The TTP spokesman, via Reuters and CNN floated a fluke the TTP had sent 6 attackers to the said school to execute the operation and both Reuters and CNN flashed the same figure to the global audiences. By giving this twist, TTP high command wanted the save the 7th attacker and to keep him under the cover to carry out the final assault when security operators could have gone to a relaxed situation, considering that they have eliminated all the six attackers. It is to be kept in mind that there was no other source t6han media, available to the security official to have determine the exact figure of the attackers until they could have themselves ensure that they have eliminated every single att56acker and in  such a situation, irresponsible reporting by CNN and Reuters, when they kept releasing whatever the TTP spokesman kept saying, without any counter check, could have put the lives of many rescued children and security personnel in a very compromised situation.

This monitoring also elaborated that to everybody’s irony for comments on a terror incident that was taking place in Pakistan, instead of taking any relevant Pakistani journalist, researcher, intellectual or counter terror expert, CNN kept  obtaining views over the situation from Indian commentator with completely biased views. The monitoring revealed that nearly 90 percent views were taken from the Indians while CNN’s own host like Jim Clancy and Christina Omanpur kept accusing Pakistan and its security forces for not being able to  eliminate terror, very conveniently ignoring that it was the US that announced global war against terror  and came all the way to Afghanistan in 2001 and is still there, with terror increasing day by day and Terror networks like Mulla Fazaulla’s TTP operating from right under the nose of US and ISAF troops from Afghan soil. Christina even went on to criticize former Pakistani President  and Army Chief general Zia-ul-Haque for creating Jihadis, very simply setting aside the historic facts that whatever general Zia did was done on 5the request of the US government  for defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan and former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had publically admitted the same.

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