2 more children die after allegedly being administered wrong injection in Karachi

KARACHI: An eight-year-old girl and eight-month-old toddler died after allegedly being administered wrong injections in Karachi. The incidents came days after the death of nine-month-old Nashwa.

The eight-year-old girl Saba was administered an injection by a quack at a clinic in the city. In Malir, a boy named Hunain passed away due to an allegedly lethal injection. 

Saba Noor was brought to a clinic in Gulshan-e-Iqbal’s 13-D area by her parents after she complained of cough and flu. She was administered an injection by a man claiming to be a doctor. Immediately after the injection, her condition deteriorated and she passed away, her father, Zafar Iqbal, told media.

Narrating the harrowing incident, Iqbal said his daughter was checked by the quack and then given an injection, after which her mouth started foaming. 

“Seeing her condition, the [doctor] named Adnan told us to rush to another hospital. But she died [before that],” he said.

After the police were notified of the incident, they arrested the quack in an overnight raid. The police, however, said a case against the incident would be registered only after a post-mortem report.

The child’s body lay around in the morgue at Jinnah Hospital all night and morning, after the hospital’s medico-legal officer refused to conduct the post-mortem over the weekend. 

After the news was aired by media, the officer finally agreed to reach the hospital to perform the post-mortem.