116 held for violating section 144

By U.Zee

ISLAMABAD: Capital Cops 116 over violation of section 144 during and also registered 22 cases against the accused.
Accordig to details, Pillion riding has been banned in the city and it has been directed to close while shops excluding medical stores and of edibles. The section 144 has been imposed in the city as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus and it is the responsibility of every citizen to follow these directions. Thus, 116 were held in violation of section 144.
Meanwhile, DIG Operations Waqar-ud-din said that implementation on government directions would be fully ensured. He appealed to the citizens to stay home and avoid social interactions and unnecessary movements to defeat this virus. DIG Operations said that Capital Cops were ready to tackle challenging situation and morale of force is very much high. He said precautionary measures are the only solution against Coronavirus and citizens should take care health of their families. He said that meetings were being arranged with representatives of civil society and notables of community including slum areas. The announcements are being made from Masajid and other places for adopting preventive measures against Coronavirus.